GO Price Schedule

Facilities Community Groups   City Groups/ Organisations   Commercial
Full size pitch, including Sports Pavilion £35   £58   £80
Full size pitch £30   £45   £50
9x9 pitch, including Sports Pavilion £30   £45   £75
9x9 pitch £25   £35   £45
Mini pitch (single), including Sports Pavilion £25   £32   £70
Mini pitch (both), including Sports Pavilion £45   £57   £110
Mini pitch (single) £20   £25   £40
Trim Trail and surrounding grounds (sessions of up to 1.5 hours) £10   £10   £10
Cricket pitch, including Cricket Pavilion £35   £58   £80
Sports Pavilion £35   £50   £70
Cricket Pavilion £35   £50   £70


All prices are for a four hour slot, unless stated otherwise, and include VAT at 20%. All initial bookings must include one pavilion. 

You can book facilities for a morning slot (8.30am-12.30pm) or an afternoon slot (1.30pm-5.30pm). 

Community rate: For local people in Eddington and neighbouring wards in the city.

City Groups/ Organisations: For established groups and teams outside of Eddington and neighbouring wards, including local towns and villages.

Commercial: Use by the University of Cambridge, Anglia Ruskin University, businesses and other commercial entities.

How to make a booking

If you wish to request a booking please complete the Go Booking Form here.

Your request will then be reviewed by a member of the Go team, who will be in touch to let you know whether your request has been approved. 

If your request is approved, you will then receive the full Go booking pack, including the Terms and Conditions, Code of Conduct and a blank risk assessment form, which have been supplied below. You will also be required to make full payment via BACS transfer or cash payment within 10 working days. 

Once the appropriate booking documents have been returned and full payment made, the Go team will contact you to confirm your booking.

Go Terms and Conditions

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GO Code of Conduct

25/04/2018 Type: pdf (size: 210.22 KB)

GO risk assessment

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